Rust Check Barrie


Not all rust protection is created equal. Your new vehicle starts off looking beautiful, but moisture, high humidity, road salt and other pollutants start deteriorating it from day one. As vehicles age, it’s critical to maintain them.

Rust Check creeps into all hidden rust-prone areas including doors, fenders, pillars, frame members, engine compartments and cavernous undercarriage areas where the Rusties love to hide out.

Rust Check is not only for new vehicles. Even older vehicles and those treated with other inadequate rust coatings or ineffective electronic rust modules can benefit from the deep penetrating action of Rust Check.


Our Philosophy: "Spray it like you own it."  For over 18 years now we've been oiling cars and trucks with this philosophy and it's why our customers keep coming back year after year.

Come and experience the DDF difference.

Ready to get your vehicle Rust Checked?


Step 1: Rust Inhibitor

There are hidden crevices and folds in the metal of your vehicle that moisture loves to collect in and from there, rust starts to develop.  Rust Check Rust Inhibitor is a light oil-based liquid that we spray into all of the body panels using existing or drilled holes.  It's designed to "creep" throughout the panels and soak into the metal, preventing rust effectively from the inside, out.


Step 2: Coat & Protect

Coat & Protect is a self-healing, non-drying undercarriage treatment.  It's thick like Vaseline so you get an instant layer of protection from your very first treatment.  Say no to that thin, drippy stuff. No more "building it up" over the years.  It improves the look of the undercarriage not to mention lubricates as it protects.

The History of Rust Check

The Rust Check history dates back to 1970 when a Canadian pilot set out to combat the corrosion of dissimilar metals and electronic components in light aircraft.

Early research revealed that the application of sealants, tars, waxes and oil sprays was clearly the wrong approach to controlling corrosive oxidization and metallic rust out. It was reasoned that moisture was essential to the success of a viable rust inhibitor.

Testing proved oil sprays would not displace moisture and actually “floated” on water.

Other inherent problems indicated that oil spray could cause ignition problems, fire and health hazards, and would not bond to metal surfaces for prolonged periods of time.

It was concluded that a precise formula of various compounds was needed to displace moisture, penetrate contaminants, creep into seams and crevices and bond to metal.

After two years of testing, the formula known as Rust Check was developed and refined, and introduced to the automotive industry. In the fall of 1973, this unique chemically formulated rust protection system was introduce to the general public through the first Rust Check center in Hepworth, Ontario.

Since 1973, over 2 million Rust Check body protection applications have been performed.